DP Quantum Short & Light Western Saddles

DP Quantum Short & Light Western Saddles
DP Saddlery LP is Deuber & Partner; Mastering the art of saddle making in the European Equestrian Industry. DP Saddlery is a corporate company, engineering fine, quality tack in Germany.

DP Saddlery has built a saddle that is essentially a Western Saddle built on an English tree. The short and light saddle is built on DP’s Ultra-Flex tree, made out of high-quality Carbon Fiber.

The supportive flocked panels have a cellular rubber-Inlay, this soft core inlay helps to prevent the flocking from balling up, increasing the longevity of the wool. After the Inlay is attached inside of the panels, the panels are flocked with 3” of high-quality synthetic wool. The traditional recommendation is to have your flocking checked and re flocked if needed, by a professional saddle fitter every 2 years more or less based on individual saddle use.

The build of the Quantum western dressage seat encourages an aligned rider position, with a narrow twist and a softly padded, balanced dressage seat. The free swinging fenders are attached with English stirrup leather bars, and the length adjusted with a simple English stirrup leather buckle.

The Quantum Western Short & Light models are fully adjustable with an Allen Wrench system. A simple turn of the key will adjust the saddle within a fraction of an inch, from narrow to extra wide. The Allen Wrench Tool is included with every saddle purchase. This incredible design has been a part of DP for over 30 years.

Tree: Ultra-Flex-tree

Gullet: Completely adjustable gullet width with clear channel tunnel design

Rigging: Two billets form a Y for stability with fender glide protection, attach with a traditional dual buckle dressage girth.

Weight: approximately 20 lbs.

Saddle length: approximately 21 inches

Skirt length: approximately 12 inches

Fender Length: Inseam measurement from 27" to 40.5" with 10, 1 1/2" adjustments on the leathers.

Seat size: S1, measures 13" at the base of the seat and 16" at cantle top. S2, measures 14" at the base of the seat and 17" at cantle top. S3, measures 15" at the base of the seat and 18" at cantle top.

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